Monday, 24 September 2007

Diggin Allotment Day - Inclusion North

Inclusion North works in the North East and Yorkshire & Humber to promote the inclusion of people who have learning disabilities, their families and carers in all areas of mainstream life. A Small Sparks funding was made to enable Tom, Phil and Peter to invite allotment holders at Glen Allotments to a barbecue in exchange for help in getting their winter digging done and tidying up their allotment which had become a little overgrown. The photos below sum up the progress and fun and social nature of a day of hard but rewarding work.

Peter is standing next to his red cabbage that has been uncovered and weeded. By the end of the day the area of grass and the area under the black polythene had been turned over by rough digging and then roots of bindweed and wicks removed by going over with forks and rakes.

Work is just starting on the rough unused areas doing the rough digging and on the right Tom's plot has been cleared of weeds and is already looking a lot tidier. Tom is just on the right on his hand and knees getting in close with a fork to deal with some stubborn wick roots.

The day was helped along by frequent short breaks for a cup of tea from the Tea Tent which also provided a chance for social interaction.

The barbecue is just being lit, hang on though, isn't it supposed to be the men that do that? Ah, they are all busy digging!

By the end of the day, great progress had been made, new friendships cemented and most if not all left feeling that they had a worthwhile day of hard work that had had an impact both on the allotment plot and on those taking part in sucha pleasant day.

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