Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Then and Now - The Splash Palace

This was the affectionately (or maybe not so) known Splash Palace as it was back in October 2008. This was the City Centre Managers office set above toilet facilities that were not very attractive and smelt awful.

 photo DSC_0693_zps78437cac.jpg
Now it has been knocked down and the area has been paved over, opening up the end of Parliament Street and letting in the light.
Parliament Street without Splash Palace photo DSCN1935_zps74eadfdc.jpg

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Holgate Windmill

On the west side of the city as you head out towards Acomb on foot turning left at the Fox public house traffic lights heading uphill on the Acomb Road there is a snicket that heads of to the right that joins Windmill Rise where you will find a small roundabout on which sits the recently restored Holgate Windmill looking spendid with the newly attached sails.The mill was restored by the Holgate Windmill Presevation Society over several years. It is now functioning and able to produce flour.
Holgate Windmill from Windmill Rise photo DSCN1933_zps0f86bb73.jpg

Approaching windmill from Poppleton Road 

Holgate Windmill from snicket photo DSCN1934_zps36725451.jpg

- View from snicket