Monday, 31 August 2009

Hungate Phase 1 Redevlopment - Foss View

Although I am not a fan of modern buildings I do have to admit that for high density dwellings these do look better in the landscape than the run down tatty brick buildings that existed in the Hungate area before the redevelopment started.

St Saviour's Church - DIG

If you slip down the side of Fibbers in Stonebow you get an unusual view of St Saviour's church in St Saviourgate. Although we tend to think of York as being fairly flat the slope of the road shows quite distinctly how the church has been built on the top of a hill. As a rough estimate I would say that St saviourgate is probably about 30 feet above the level of the river Foss. For those of you who like your measurements in metric that's 30 feet ;-)) you'll have to work it out for yourselves.

St Saviour's church is one York's redundant mediaeval churches and is now used as the archaelogical resource centre under the name DIG. Well worth a visit if you are bringing your children and they are interested in archaeology as they get a chance to do some simulated digging for artefacts. Much more fun than a lucky dip!

Sunday, 30 August 2009

St. Cuthbert's Church - Peaseholme Green

Trees along the wall amongst the gravestones have recently been removed from the churchyard with only a few branch shreddings left as evidence of what might have been there before. The Horse Chestnut near the front entrance remains in position and is loaded with conkers which are about ready to fall.

The photo below shows the trees along the wall that have beenremoved as they appeared in March earlier this year.

I am not sure what effect the tree removal will have on the display of crocus and daffodils next spring, this is how it looked around the cross by the entrance this spring. I'll try to remember to do a comparative shot next spring.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Quilt Museum - St Anthony's Hall

The Quilt Museum located in St anthony's Guild Hall in Peaseholme Green has obviously become a lot more popular. I have been asked directions to get there several times this year. Next to the museum is an interesting delicatessen and Cafe. The Deli has some interesting bread, cheeses and wines. Note the very discrete indication of St Anthony's Hall being the quilt museum, that is the large Q that almost blends into the brickwork of the first floor of the building.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Bistro/Cafe in QUilt Museum Garden

Ambulance Station - Hungate

The Ambulance Station in Hungate was also slated for demolition but is still standing and operational following the cancellation of the planned Council offices. In the background is the Rowntree Wharf building which was converted into offices and flats. The above photo was taken in March this year. The advertising on the hoardings has been changed in the meantime from a blue background to a greeen background, see the photo below.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Homeless Centre Peaseholme Green

This building was slated for demolition to make way for the new council offices. It is the Homeless centre built not that long ago and which actually blends in resonably well with the Black Swan Inn, the white building beyond it and does not overpower it the way the planned council offices would have.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Lift up your eyes 24

Fossgate is a real treasure trove of a street for raising your eyes up above the ground level. I particularly like the simple ornamentation of "... give the dog a bone". The symmetry of black and white wood framing by the windows and the small leaded top hinge windows at the top of the windows on the first floor and the positioning of the two attic windows makes a well balanced picture from simple but elegant ornamentation.

Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Changing Face of Hungate

Here is one I took earlier this year in March, probably not much change since then except that I think the displays on the boarding has been changed. Work has been progressing on the flats in the background despite the recession whereas the flats next to the Woolpack building seem to be stuck in an almost finished state. The planning request for the Council Offices has been withdrawn, supposedly on the objections of English Heritage who said the development was not in keeping with the surroundings. They did not need English Heritage to tell them that, the citizens had already told them that what they had planned was a complete "carbunckle" to borrow a phrase from Prince Charles.

Lift Up Your Eyes 23

Picking up where I left off in April when the chest pains got the better of me I shall be posting again but a little bit at haphazard intervals depending on whether I can sort out the problems with my old camera as I have lent my best camera to my son for his trip to Japan.

Just a few doors down the road from Supasave is Fellini's Italian Restaurant which provides a real feast for the eyes if you raise them up from the windows at ground level. I am not sure what the carved stonework is but a future series I am thinking of doing will look at the various types of stonework that you can find in buildings around York, a sort of geological tour of the city. Watch this space as the saying goes. I might also do it as a mapped walking tour on my web site at .