Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Minster Dominates Skyline

The Minster dominates the skyline in York but often when you are close to it you can not see it because other buildings block the viewing angle. Turks Head Court in Aldwark is one of the exceptions. The Aldwark area of York used to be a very industrialised area of the city but in the 1960s Lord Esher was commissioned by the council to review the usage of the area as it was becoming derelict and disused. Lord Esher came to the conclusion that it would be nice to create dwellings in this area. Plans were drawn up and the area created as a dwelling area. because it is a little off the normal tourist routes very few tourists go into the area except on the ghost walks. A shame really because they are missing views like this one of the Minster from Turk's Head Court.

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